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I have recently acquired a handheld 3D scanner which can be used to scan parts / cars. Its an entry level scanner not a £ 40,000 one but it is still a very versatile machine.

First stage - Scanning and point cloud generation

- scan object. Object should be clean. Scanners have trouble with shiny or transparant structures but matting agents can be used to make these visible. Areas of uniform appearance can also give problems, so tracking targets are applied - either self adhesive dots or magnetic tags.

At this stage, the computer has recorded a cloud of dots in three dimensions.

Second stage - mesh generation.
- The next stage to to convert this cloud of dots into a skinned structure. This converts the cloud of dots into a mesh made up of hundreds of thousands to millions of tiny triangles. This is something that could possibly be 3D printed.

Third stage - reverse engineering.
The mesh can then be imported into a 3D Cad Modelling software and engineering quality 3D models can be constructed for manufacturing purposes. This is the really time consuming part of the process.

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