Current Monoposto Regulations

All competitors should note that from 01.01.2022, new fire extinguisher regulations come into force as per Section K Appendix 3 of Motorsport UK's Blue Book.   FIA-approved and plumbed fire extinguishers are obligatory for UK single seater racing.   Some 2.25 litre systems are not FIA Approved.  Also please note that some systems require 8mm tubing instead of 6mm and multiple nozzles (up to 8).

The updated list can be found HERE

The Monoposto Racing Club's regulations have to be read and interpreted in conjunction with Motorsport UK's regulations 'the Blue Book'.  The 2022 edition can be referenced HERE

External Technical Documents referenced within above regulations

FUTURE: Roadmap Proposal for next generation Mono F3 engines for 2020 and beyond

Archived Regulations

For reference purposes and historical interest only, here are previous years regulations.