Owners Manuals / Car Setup Guides

These manuals are copies of those published by the manufacturer to the teams running the cars for the championships and regulations they were originally designed to compete in.    Each team would start with the information contained within these manuals, and then refine their own setup strategy following extensive testing.  

A Monoposto complient car will run to similar but slightly different regulations, such as the 40mm minimum ride height imposed by Motorsport UK, fuel and noise regulations, different tyre compounds and construction, and even completely different engines and transmissions.   However, there should hopefully be useful information to help develop your car in the right direction.

If you have a contribution to make, please sent it to us.  PDF version preferred.


F397 / F398 (F398 but may be useful for F397)
F399 - F301 owners manual
F302 - F304 owners manual
F305 - F307 owners manual
F308 - F311 owners manual

Contributions welcome...

Tatuus Formula Renault 2.0 (2000-2010)

Workshop Manual (note these are scans of a printed copy and are large file sizes - if anyone has an original PDF we can replace these with a better quality and smaller download)
- section 1 - engine
- section 2 - chassis
- section 3 - transmission
- section 4 - bodywork
- section 5 - electrical
- section 6 - supplements and update bulletins

Formula Renault Technical Documents for 2006

Formula Renault Technical Documents for 2008

Parts book 1 (referencing later bodywork)
Parts book 2 (referencing earlier bodywork)


Mygale M14-F4 Ford Technical Specification 

Reynard Formula Vauxhall Lotus

1990 Formula Vauxhall Lotus technical regulations


Swift SC97F parts