Past F3 Cup Championship Winners

Entries in BOLD signify overall champion as well as class champion.   If people spot inaccuracies or have additions, please send details.   Information has been culled from archived websites but some information is patchy or missing.    There are gaps which require filling in - can anyone help?    The championship has been reincarnated several times, with different management and running with different racing clubs, but the general ethos has remained constant - allowing someone to drive a close to contemporary Formula 3 car on a small proportion of the professional budget. 

Year Euro Class Cup Class
Trophy Class
Masters Class
Teams Champion
2022 [4B] No Races No Races     No Races
2021 Hardall [4A, 5B] Stefano Leaney 
Shane Kelly [Deleted]   CF Racing
2020 [3D]   Stefano Leaney -   CF Racing
2019   Cian Carey -   CF Racing
2018   Cian Carey -   Chris Dittmann Racing
2017 [3C]   Jacopo Sebastiani Adrian Holey [Deleted] CF Racing
2016   George Line - Geoffrey Hoodless CF Racing
2015 [2, 3B]   Aaron Steele Adrian Holey Geoffrey Hoodless Chris Dittmann Racing
2014   Toby Sowery Olly Rae Geoffrey Hoodless Omicron Motorsport
2013 [5A, 7B]   Alex Craven Dave Karaskas   Mark Bailey Racing
2012 [3A, 7A]   Tristan Cliffe Chris Dittmann Dave Karaskas Omicron Motorsport
2011 (Series) [1]   Aaron Steele [1A] James Ledamun [1B]   [Not Run]

Past BRSCC F3 / Club F3 Championship / Series Winners

Year   Class A Class B Masters Class Championship Status
2010 BRSCC F3 Chris Needham     Series
2009 Cardinus BRSCC F3 Chris Needham Dave Karaskas? Peter Hannam? Championship
2008 Edge Club F3 Edwin Jowsey Dave Karaskas? Peter Hannam? Series
2007 Enterprise EDGE Club F3 Chris Needham Ray Rowan Chris Willie Championship
2006 Enterprise Group Club F3 [6D] Shane Kelly Paul Sibley Nick Robinson Championship

List of Past ARP F3 Championship Winners

    Class A Class B Masters Class Toyota Class
2005 DACS [6C] Keith Baldwin Chris Willie Peter Kalpakiotis  
2004 DACS   Richard Marsh [no class B] Daron Bland  
2003 DACS [6B] Richard Marsh [no class B] Ian Whiteside  
2002 DACS   Steve Allen Chris Marshall    
2001 BoilingPoint [6A] Luke Steven Mark Dwyer    
2000   Gino Ussi Chris Marshall    
1999   Jeff Gresswell      
1998   Jeff Gresswell Daron Bland    
1997 BoilingPoint   John Loebell Daron Bland    
1996 BoilingPoint   Gareth Burnett Dave Karaskas    
1995 HI   Jim Blockley Simon Tate   Chris Fearon
1994   Dave Karaskas      
1993   Jeff Gresswell      
1992   Paul Quinn      
1991   Steve Bottoms Roger Bevan    
1990   Ian Jacobs      

List of Past Toyota F3 Championship Winners

1989   Mark Bailey      
1988   Steve Bradley      
1987   Tony Broster      
1986 [8] Steve Bradley      

Further Notes:

[1] 2011 - MotorSportVision takes over the ailing BRSCC F3 series and renames it MSV F3 Cup. MSV had recently stopped Formula Palmer Audi and BRDC F4 had yet to be created, so F3 Cup slotted in nicely as MSV's top single seater series.    In 2011 it did not have championship status, and was run as a series.  Aaron Steele was judged the 'most meritorious driver'. Championship status was re-gained for 2012 onwards.
[1A] - Aaron Steele is judged to have been the 'most meritorious driver' and wins the prize of a test drive in an FIA F2 Car (Championship run by MSV from 2009-2012).   Had championship points been given he would have won the Class A and the Overall Championship.
[1B] - James Ledamun, if championship points been issued, would have been the Class B champion.

[2] 2015 saw Pirelli introduced as the new supplier of control tyre replacing Avon.   The Pirellis were found to be superior in performance and durability, although took longer to "come in" than the Avons.  

[3A] 2012 saw the Dallara F305-F307 chassis become eligible for the Cup Class
[3B] 2015 saw the Dallara F308-F311 become eligible for the Cup class.
[3C] 2017 saw the Dallara F312-F316 become eligible, but cars have to run the road derived engines with 26mm restrictor, and paddleshift was not permitted
[3D] 2020 saw the cars complying with 2018 and 2019 EuroFormula Open Regulations eligible, with balance of performance map / restrictor as per the sart of the 2019 season.  Euroformula cars ran with a 30kg weight penalty, 40kg for the Mercedes HWA engined versions.

[4A] 2021 saw the club being administered by the Monoposto Racing Club once again, and the F3 Euro Class was introduced to allow cars conforming to the Euroformula Open F3 regulations entry.  These are the newer Dallara F315/7's with semi-automatic gearboxes and the larger restrictors.   The minimum weights of both the Euro class and the Cup class were adjusted accordingly.  Tyres became free, which generally meant Pirelli slicks and Michelin wets.
[4B] 2022 - no races were held.  Insufficient entries during 2021 to make it viable as a standalone series and disagreeing views between drivers / teams and organisers over the format of the event, meant that although a provisional calendar was issued, it couldn't be confirmed.  F3 Cup cars were permitted as a guest entry in the Monoposto Tiedeman Trophy, with some cars being run at Mono F3 ride height to assess how performance compared to existing competitors.

[5A] The points system was adjusted from a class based system to an overall finishing order basis to prevent someone coming last overall winning the overall championship.
] The points system was adjusted to a class based system rather than an overall finishing order basis, now 2 points for pole position and fastest lap.

[6A] ARP - 2001- Class A was for cars from January 1993 until December 2000.   Class B was for cars from 1985 to 1992.
[6B] 2003 - Class A threshold up to 2001.   Class B retired and previous class B cars were now running in Masters Class
[6C] 2005 - Class A older threshold moved to 1996.   Class B reintroduced for the 1993 to end of 1995 cars.
[6D] 2006 - Class A - cars from 1997 to 2004, Class B - 1992-1996, Masters 1985-1991 - this would remain in force until the start of the 2012 season.  

[7A] Professional teams use F3 Cup as a last minute qualifying round for an entry to the Macau Grand Prix.    2012 sees Antonio Felix da Costa, Kevin Korjus enter. Da Costa won at Macau.
[7B] a repeat of 2012 sees Antonio Felix da Costa, Carlos Sainz Jnr and Esteban Ocon enter.   Da Costa was runner up in the main race and would win again in 2016.

[8] The Toyota F3 Championship was first run in 1986, and was created by Tony Broster and Marcus Pye for Toyota engined F3 cars.  This series evolved into the ARP Championship for 1990 onwards.