How Covid-19 will affect racing with Monoposto Racing Club.


How Covid-19 will affect racing with Monoposto Racing Club.


How Covid-19 will affect racing with Monoposto Racing Club.


How Covid-19 will affect racing with Monoposto Racing Club.


How Covid-19 will affect racing with Monoposto Racing Club.


How Covid-19 will affect racing with Monoposto Racing Club.


Covid-19 & Monoposto

How Monoposto is reacting to the Coronavirus aka Covid-19


The Covid-19 Coronavirus has had an effect on everyones lives and businesses since early 2020. Motorsport was curtailed and the season didn't start until July in 2020. Three Monoposto meetings were cancelled and the revised calender saw a partial merging of Monoposto Championship and Tiedeman Trophy meetings. 

The 2021 season will commence during the gradual unlocking of the country, so the start of the season will look similar to the end of the 2020 season. 

Some changes will be out of Monoposto's control - those measures invoked by Motorsport UK and the hosting circuit / organising club.

Please work with our Paddock Team in order to make the meetings run as smoothly as possible.

Following the announcment of the 22nd February 2021, Motorsport UK have confirmed that Motorsport will restart in the UK from the 29th March, so the Monoposto 2021 calendar will run per schedule.     

The only change has been that the Donington triple header in April is now a double header as Motorsport UK are not issuing weekend permits (so the Saturday and Sunday are different race permits).     Instead that triple header has been swapped with the last meeting of the season, with no changes to dates (so far)

Motorsport UK, the governing body, has issued a video which can be found HERE and is also embedded lower down this page.  

They have also provided a document entitled COVID-19 Competitor Guidance and the clarification on the wearing of facemasks.

Below is the procedures for the end of the 2020 season, and MSVR's guideance for the 2021 season is much the same - online sign-on, scruitineering and briefings, limiting the number of helpers to a minimum and separation of paddock and public spaces. 

Anyone who is showing symptoms of Covid-19 should not travel to a race meeting.    


  • All participants (including helpers) have to wear face masks in high density areas of the venue - these are assembly area, grid, pit lane, pit wall, pit garages and awnings, and other enclosed / indoor areas. 

    Paddock and parc ferme is considered lower density where 2m social distancing can be easily acheived so a mask is not compulsory.  Please try to remain socially distant.   You can wear a mask if you choose to.

    The CoC's and Covid-19 officers have enhanced powers to intervene and penalise, and a member of a team could have repercussions for the entrant / driver of that team.
  • Numbers of entry passes will initially be limited to assist with social distancing requirements and are for competitors and their essential helpers only, not for guests and sponsors.
  • Paddock areas and spectator areas will be kept apart from each other
  • Garage doors should remain open front and back when the garage is occupied
  • Other restrictions may apply at individual venues and must be complied with
    • Teams must consider bringing the minimum number of people required to an event
    • Teams are recommended to bring their own first aid kit, etc. to minimise the need to use the circuit medical resources
    • Teams should bring adequate PPE for all personnel and retain a record of those attending the event


    • All signing on for the event will now take place online, ahead of the event
    • The link will be available under the event information on the calendar page of the MSVR website
    • The signing-on process includes your scrutineering declaration and part of your briefing (see below)
    • As part of the signing-on process you will submit your car and safety equipment information, self declaring your compliance with Motorsport UK regulations
    • This information will be passed to the Chief Scrutineer ahead of the weekend, and the scrutineers of the meeting will have the power to perform spot checks throughout the event, to ensure  compliance with all relevant regulations
    • Please remember that the standard Motorsport UK penalties continue to apply for non-compliance
    • As part of the signing-on process you will go through a preliminary safety briefing. You MUST go through this from start to finish to complete the signing-on process
    • You may receive additional briefing notes via your coordinator or the Clerk of the Course. Please ensure you are also familiar with these before your first session on circuit


The reduction in numbers of marshalls per post may result in earlier deployment of either safety cars or red flags.   

If are having to stop with mechanical problems, consider where may be the most appropriate stopping position is to ensure that racing can resume as soon as possible.   At Silverstone GP each dry lap behind the safety car is up to 1 1/2 minutes slower than at normal racing speeds with a bigger disparity in the wet conditions unless its a monsoon. 


  • The club hub drinks service will be different to our usual self-service facility.  

    Please come to the hub, maintaining the now familiar social distancing, and Emma Cliffe (or a deputy) will be available to prepare your drinks for you.

    There may
    be occasions where Emma is needed elsewhere - if this is the case, please don’t help yourself to anything and come back a short time later when Emma has returned.

    will be taking full Covid-19 precautions with sanitisation of hands and surfaces.

    The system seemed to work well during 2020.

    Emma will review the situation and decide when it is safe and prudent to return to the self service system.


  • Podium Ceremonies - to be reviewed.
  • Results / Grid Sheets - via TSL Timing and/or MSVR website
  • Transponder hire: TSL will still hire out transponders but has to be arranged in advance of the meeting.
  • Trophies can be collected from outside the AViT awning.


  • Overnight stays from Thursday (for Friday testing) and Friday (for race weekend) are permitted. 
  • Restaurant, showers and toilet facilities may vary per venue. 


  • The Medical Centre is not a treatment place for people with symptoms of Covid-19.   If someone in your team is feeling unwell, notify Monoposto paddock team and MSVR and remove them from the circuit.


  • Government advice suggests that spectators will be able to return to the circuits from the Castle Combe round onwards, probably via advance tickets, with more spectators permitted from Oulton Park onwards, although there is a fair chance some social distancing measures may be in place and some track facilities may be reduced or closed.

    Check with the individual circuits on how they propose to admit spectactors.